Miele S7 Cat & Dog

The Miele S7 Cat & Dog upright vacuum cleaner combines the innovative and practical features of the Miele S7 upright series with the odor-capturing Active Air Clean filter and STB 101 Handheld Turbobrush, making the ideal vacuum for homes with pets.







The Miele S7 Cat & Dog upright vacuum cleaner’s unique swivel neck and 360° caster wheels let it maneuver quickly and easily, even around the tightest corners. With a powerful 1200-watt motor, three on-board accessories and adjustable suction control, the Miele S7 Cat & Dog upright vacuum is ready for any cleaning surface, from deep pile carpets to hard floors, from upholstery to curtains.

  • Powerful, quiet 1200 watt motor with four-position rotary suction control at top of vacuum.
  • Unique swivel neck 360° caster wheels make it easy to move around furniture and other obstacles. The Miele S7 Cat & Dog upright vacuum cleaner can even lie flat against the floor to clean the most inaccessible spaces.
  • Both the On-off switch for vacuum and motorized carpet-to-bare floor switch are on the handle.
  • Convenient foot switch gently lifts the front of the Miele S7 Cat & Dog upright vacuum cleaner, to move easily from a hard floor to a rug.
  • Intelligently positioned suction and bristles ensure excellent cleaning along walls and into corners.
  • Spring-loaded bristles under the roller brush effectively clean different depths of carpet pile.
  • The STB 101 Handheld Turbobrush is excellent at removing pet hair and dander from furniture and stairs.
  • The Active Air Clean filter absorbs odors to help remove pet smells as it keeps pet hair, dust and dirt from leaking out of the vacuum.
  • 5.45 qt. AirClean dustbag provides additional filtration and features a self-closing collar that automatically seals the bag as soon as the dust compartment lid is opened.
  • Motor protection filter extends the life and maintains the performance of the Miele S7 Cat & Dog upright vacuum cleaner.
  • Telescopic wand and hose reach up to 15 feet and lock in place for maximum stability while cleaning high and hard to reach places.
  • Ergonomic carrying handle at the back makes the Miele S7 Cat & Dog upright vacuum cleaner it easy to lift and carry.
  • 54-foot cleaning radius so you never have to unplug and move to clean the room.
  • On-board accessories stored in the back of the Miele S7 Cat & Dog upright vacuum cleaner include crevice nozzle, upholstery nozzle and dusting brush.

One of the most impressive features of the Miele S7 is its exclusive SwivelNeck design which allows steering in all directions. The SwivelNeck gives the machine such incredible maneuverability that the S7 can even be laid flat to the floor for cleaning under furniture. The casing is disengaged from the floor head and the real wheels actually disappear into the body of the vacuum, enabling the machine to be maneuvered without stress on your body. Another reason why the machine is so nimble is due to it’s rubber, non-marring, front caster wheels that rotate 360-degrees.

The Miele Cat & Dog S7260 can clean around obstacles in your home and go places other vacuums can’t, like between tables, chairs, and under furniture. There’s a separate motor for the agitator that can be disengaged allowing the suction power to do all the work when cleaning smooth floors.

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