Miele S8 Vacuum Cleaners

Since the introduction of the Miele S5 line of vacuum cleaners, the developers and designers at Miele have been busy with creating the sequel to this best selling line of canisters. Starting on October 8th, you will be able to see and experience that. With a total of six new S8 canister vacuums, Miele introduces the latest in features and innovation that manages to surpass the high standard set by previous models.






Taking into account a variety of feedback from consumers and dealers from across the globe, Miele has packed convenience, efficiency and style into this new line of S8 Vacuum Cleaners.  Whether you need a vacuum for smooth flooring, carpet, all round home cleaning, or simply want the best that a vacuum can provide in terms of cleaning ability, air filtration, and style, there is a new Miele S8 to meet your needs.

Always striving to blend the unique with the functional, this series is named after the winds and breezes found around the world. With the new S8 models is a mix of Miele signature features as well as ones that were only optional with the S5 line.


Effortless movement, smooth transitions, extended motion.

  • Footswitch Controls: With a simple tap of the foot, the newly designed controls allow the user to turn the vacuum on or off, adjust floor settings or retract the power cord.
  • Dynamic Drive (patent pending): Swivel castors complete with shock absorbers provides the perfect suspension for a quiet, smooth transition over various floor types.
  • Extended, Retractable 36 Foot Cord: Allows for an exceptionally wide cleaning reach with a one-touch rewind.


Intuitive and customizable, quiet and powerful, structured and adaptable.

  • Automatic Setting: ensures perfect cleaning performance on all surfaces and floor types. Energy usage is reduced as the S8 automatically adjusts to maintain the appropriate level of suction for every surface.
  • Silence System Plus: A newly encapsulated motor and integrated insulation make the S8 exceptionally quiet without sacrificing power.
  • Skeleton Construction: Structurally sound, the new skeletal construction of the S8 is intensely durable yet lightweight.
  • Integrated Accessories: Housed in a convenient compartment; easily adapt to all surfaces within the home.


Seamless alignment, illuminating aesthetics and fashionable styling.

  • 3D Bumper: wraps around the vacuum at various heights to protect furniture, walls and the vacuum itself from nicks and bumps in the event of minor collisions.
  • Illuminated Parking System: Improves visibility for storage of the wand and floor tool.
  • Spotlight Handle: Improves visibility illuminates the area being cleaned using a powerful LED light.
  • Six Dynamic Color Options: Make a statement.


Enduring sustainability, improved air quality, complete peace of mind.

  • Automatic Setting: To maximize the best use of energy, there is no unnecessary use of power when the machine is at a lower setting or in park.
  • Skeleton Construction: Uses fewer raw materials, all of which are marked and fully recyclable.
  • AirClean Sealed System® Design: Ensures that 99.9% of particles are captured and retained.
  • Tested: Each S8 is tested before it leaves the factory in Germany to ensure flawless performance.

“Our elite team of Miele floorcare experts were given absolute freedom to develop the most dynamic, innovative and unique vacuum system,” said Inga Wirth, Floorcare Product Manager, Miele. “With S8, there are no compromises in materials, functionality or design.”

All Miele S8 vacuum cleaner models share Miele’s powerful “Vortex” motor, the AirClean Sealed System with HEPA filtration, and a new “skeleton construction” body that reduces the vacuum’s weight while increasing the strength of its body. All models also feature a larger, easier-to-grab handle, foot-operated suction control panel and an extra-long cord with one-touch automatic rewind that helps give the vacuums an exceptionally wide 33-foot cleaning radius.

Currently, there are five Miele S8 vacuum cleaner models each with its own combination of features and accessories.  We carry the top three: Miele Alize, Miele Kona, and Miele UniQ.

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