Christmas Wall Quilt Photos

Christmas Wall Quilt Class


Recently some of our customers enjoyed a day of fun, fellowship and learning at Cornerstone Sew & Vac. The attendees created a lovely wallhanging for the Christmas season. Few of ladies made them as gifts. Others kept the Christmas Wall Quilt for themselves. The class included simple piecing for the Christmas Tree and paper piecing to create the two wreaths. It was a fun class. See the photo below of what the ladies came up with.


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Tubular Basket

tubular baskets sewing pattern, tubular basket, tubular basket class

What is a tubular basket?

A cute, fun and very convenient fabric basket that can be used to store shoes, magazines, toys, clothes or anything around the house that you need to put away.


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DIY Embroidered Necklace by Husqvarna Viking

diy embroidered jewelry, designer topaz 40, jewelry stand, cornerstone sew and vac, husqvarna viking

DIY Embroidered Necklace

Fall is around the corner. This season always seems to spark creativity because it is full of  holidays. There are so many projects to create gifts and decorations for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and other holidays. If you are feeling creative early, why not get your start with this DIY Embroidered Necklace design by Husqvarna Viking.

sewing, husqvarna vikingThe video below shows Laura from Husqvarna Viking creating a beautiful embroidered necklace with a bit of shine as a dazzled touch.  She is using the brand new, up and coming Designer Topaz 40 sewing and embroidery machine.

Make your Own Embroidered Necklace

For the DIY embroidered necklace, you will need applicator, crystals, water-soluble stabilizer, thread and a sewing and embroidery machine such as the new Designer Topaz 40 by Husqvarna Viking. The first step in creating the your embroidered jewelry is to select your designs on the machine. The Designer Topaz 40 automatically starts embroidering the designs. After you cut out your designs, dissolve the stabilizer and let it dry. Decide the look of your necklace and arrange the designs. Adding ribbon on each end, sew the designs together. Last, make it shine with colorful rhinestone.

Designer Topaz 30 on Sale

Need a budget friendly sewing and embroidery machine? We have a few Designer Topaz 30 on sale (less than 4 left) in our store for 55% off retail price! Stop by our store in Douglasville or call us for more information and pricing: 770-949-5775.

Download Free Embroidery Design

diy embroidered jewelry, designer topaz 40, sewing and embroidery machine, embroidery , embroidery designs, embroidery machine, free embroidery design, husqvarna viking

Want to make your own jewelry? Click here and download the FREE embroidery design and instructions from Husqvarna Viking. You can create your own DIY embroidery necklace to add to your fall fashion collection.

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Anita Embroidery Workshop September 2014

anita embroidery workshop, anita goodesign, embroidery workshop, sewing class, halloween project, pumpkin tissue holder

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Great Deal – Topaz 30 sewing machine & more

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Certified Pre-Owned Designer Diamond sewing machine

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Designer Ruby sewing machine – just Traded In!

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Electrolux Maximus Canister Vacuum $189

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Hoover Elite Max Capacity Bagless Upright Vacuum $89

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Anita Goodesign Embroidery Party Coming Soon

You’re Invited to our Fall Anita Goodesign Event!

What: The best Embroidery Event Ever!

When: October 31, 2014, and November 1, 2014

How to Sign Up: Click here to register online or Call our store: 770-949-5775.

Anita Goodesign, embroidery party, embroidery, embroidery workshop


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